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Concoction Perfume Wax

Concoction Perfume Wax

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About Solid Scents

Made with premium ingredients, this solid scent is designed to melt evenly and release a long-lasting scent. 

Solid scents shouldn't replace liquid perfumes as their projection are weaker. They should be used as a perfume enhancer, layered with liquid perfume on top for a longer-lasting scent. Small & portable, making it easy to top up your fragrance on-the-go.

Who is this scent for?

You'll feel like you are wandering through a lush and exotic garden, surrounded by a blend of sweet, floral, and woody scents, almost like you've been transported to a tropical paradise. Want to feel this way? Add Concoction to your collection today.

About the scent

A unique and alluring fragrance that offers a delightful blend of rich and deep scents. Underlying intensity that is sure to captivate your senses.


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